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Marcus Ryan - Love Me Tinder



"Ryan absolutely thrives when he is fully engaged with the crowd and relying only on his descriptive and conversational style of humour."


Words: Alicia Norton


It’s a world full of confusion and contradiction, lust and the rare sighting of love – it’s the world of online dating, the central theme for Marcus Ryan’s new show Love Me Tinder. Ryan is a talented storyteller and shows great skills in characterisation as he kicks off the show by embodying the character of his non-existent manager – a kooky and dorky guy played lovingly. 


When Ryan eventually enters as himself, this affable guy connects with the small crowd straight away. Charming and engaging, the crowd falls for Ryan – however as we learn, he isn’t always so lucky in winning the ladies over. A veteran of online dating, Ryan has many stories to tell – and seems to have done the research to back it all up, if you consider hanging out at bars and chatting to women ‘research’…


I must admit, I’ve never dipped my toe into the pool of online dating but having lived vicariously through the trials and tribulations of my mates, the jokes in this show made plenty of sense. Even if you’ve never logged onto Tinder, you’ll get it. There are plenty of universal themes covered here and this show works best when talking about these – with audience members nodding and laughing along in agreement. 


There are some jokes revolving around images displayed on a screen in the corner of the small room, and although there are some solid laughs to be had here, Ryan absolutely thrives when he is fully engaged with the crowd and relying only on his descriptive and conversational style of humour. 


For an incredibly pleasant and light hour of comedy, filled with regular laughs, check out Marcus Ryan. He’s loveable and friendly and really thrives by bouncing off the crowd for some of the strongest laughs of the show.


Catch Marcus Ryan in Love Me Tinder, until 27th Feb @ Producers Cranny. BOOK NOW >>>