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Stories I Want To Tell You In Person



"Please just go see this show because I can only say 'it's really good' in so many ways…!"

Reviewed by Alicia Norton

The beautiful and vivacious Lally Katz enthrals the crowd in her delightful one-woman show, Stories I Want to Tell You in Person. Weaving a web of tales together to form the story of how she frivolously spent large sums of money on questionable psychics in a last ditch attempt to 'have it all', Katz takes her audience on a journey that's so engaging, you'll hardly notice that 80 minutes have passed once it comes to a close.


Absolutely bubbling over with charm, wit and talent, Katz is the kind of gal that you'd love to have as a best friend – because at least with her around, there would never be a dull moment. Absolutely nailing all the characters which she embodies to assist with telling her tale, Katz seamlessly switches between creepy New York 'psychics', her older, kooky Hungarian friend Ana, and potential on-again, off-again love interest known only as 'The Full Jew'.


Feeling like you could be sitting around with a group of old friends, hearing of their latest misadventures into love, lust and the rollercoaster of career success and failure, Stories I Want to Tell You in Person is an enchanting journey. Katz makes you feel at ease from the very beginning. Her charm allows the eager crowd to relate to her unique and somewhat absurd tales in a manner that is very rare.


Flippantly mentioning within the performance that she had been somewhat resistant to the idea of telling her own story, this comes as a surprise. Katz seems to be in her absolute element, playing to the crowd and enjoying every moment – which in turn allows the audience to thoroughly enjoy it all too!


Hilarious, heart-warming, endearing and every other positive adjective that I can jam into this short review, please just go see this show because I can only say 'it's really good' in so many ways…!  


Stories I Want To Tell You In Person is on at the Bakehouse Theatre until Saturday 8 November. Book now >>